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City of Park Rapids Storm Water Utility

Credit Application


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It shall be the responsibility of the owner to provide justification for a credit (fee adjustment). Credits are cumulative and cannot exceed 75% of the base fee. The credit shall be applied, to the billing cycle directly following credit approval from the City and shall not be applied retroactively.

Attach the following documentation with your credit application for each of the Credits you are applying to receive.

1)       Detention Credit –Provide drawings and calculations to verify that the storm water runoff from the site is detained to at least 5% less than the predevelopment rate for a 24-hour, 2-, 10- and 100-year runoff event. Possible 25% credit available.

2)       Retention Credit –Provide drawings and calculations to verify that the parcel retains or infiltrates at least 1 inch runoff volume calculated over the entire site. Retention or infiltration must be done in an on-site, constructed storm water management facility. Please provide documentation that clearly states that the landowner will be responsible for maintaining the management facility (Maintenance agreement). Possible 25% credit available.

3)       Water Quality Credit – Provide documentation demonstrating the water quality improvement. It is required that the documentation be prepared by a licensed professional engineer of the State of Minnesota. Also provide the necessary drawings and calculations to support the storm water benefit. It is the applicant’s responsibility to prove the benefit. Possible 50% credit based proportionally on treatment capacity (load reduction) for a 24-hour, 2-inch rainfall event.

4)       Regional Treatment Credit – Provide drawings and calculations to verify that at least 75% of the parcel’s runoff directly enters a regional treatment facility by storm sewer or overland flow. Also provide drawings and calculations to verify that the regional storm water facility meets any of the above credit reductions for the total area draining to the regional facility. Possible 25% credit based on above credit requirements.

5)       Green/Vacant Space Land Use Credit – Provide a diagram(s) and documentation that clearly dimensions the green/vacant space and shows that the green/vacant space meets all of the following criteria:

a.  Green/vacant space shall be pervious, continuously vegetated areas incorporated into the developed parcel.

b.  The property must comply with other City of Park Rapids ordinances such as mowing and nuisance or noxious weed ordinances.

c.  The space shall not have more than 25% impacted, compacted soils. Examples of impacted spaces are trails and compacted gravel areas.

d.  The green/vacant space must be at least 10% of the total parcel.

e.   The eligible green/vacant space must have a separation of at least 10 feet from any impervious surface.

Possible 50% credit based proportionally to the total parcel eligible.


PARCEL CREDITS:                                                                                                           (City Use Only)

                                                                                                Owners Estimate                  City Approved

Detention Credit (25%)                                                                                                                                      

Retention Credit  (25%)                                                                                                                                    

Water Quality Credit (Up to 50%)                                                                                                                                     

Regional Treatment Credit (Up to 25%)                                                                                                          

Green/Vacant Space Credit (Up to 50%)                                                                                                                         

TOTAL CUMULATIVE CREDIT (75% Max.)                                                                           


City Use Only:

Base Utility Fee         x        Approved Credit Percent     =    Adjusted Monthly Fee                      Review Initials          Date

                        x                                             =