Council Meetings

     The Park Rapids City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday at 6:00 PM of each month throughout the year. All meetings are held in the City Hall Council Chamber at 212 Second Street West in Park Rapids. There is always the possibility of a scheduling conflict, necessitating a change of meeting date or location. Although rare, when it is necessary, the public will be informed through the local media whenever possible.  There are instances when a special meeting must be called to consider certain specified actions. When that occurs, the public will be notified through the same media.  All city council meetings (regular, special, emergency, or workshops) are open to the public. In fact, the public is urged to attend. 

City Council Actions 
     The City Council must have a quorum, or three Council members present, before it can take any official action. All City Council actions must be approved by a majority of three or more of the members present. 

Public Participation at City Council Meetings 

     Meetings of the City Council will follow a standard agenda. Items placed on the agenda may be considered at the meeting upon agreement of the council members present. To place an item in the agenda, the following procedures should be used: 
The applicant should file a written request with the City Clerk's office a week prior to the meeting, by 4:30 on Wednesday. The request should include the name, address, and telephone number of the person making the request, a statement describing the action the applicant(s) request the Council to take, and the background information outlining the reasons for the request. 
The City Council desires public participation at its meetings, but also has the responsibility to conduct its business in an orderly fashion. The mayor will provide the audience with an opportunity to amend the agenda at the beginning of each meeting, and to make public comments during the meeting. 
Interruption or other interference with the orderly conduct of the City Council cannot be allowed. Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order. The mayor may terminate the speaker's privilege of address if, after being called to order, they persist in improper conduct or remarks. 
At a public meeting of the City Council, no person shall orally initiate charges or complaints against individual employees of the city (due to laws governing practices) or debate any subjects under jurisdiction of the courts. All such charges, if presented to the City Council directly, shall be referred to the Personnel Committee for investigation and report.