Sec. 90.015. Registration and Licensing Requirements

Every person who owns a dog or cat shall cause the animal to be

 registered and licensed as hereafter provided.

All dogs and cats kept in this city shall be registered in the office of the

City Clerk.  The owner shall obtain a license and a tag for each animal

and pay a fee as the City Council may, by ordinance, adopt.  The tag

should be attached to the collar of the animal.  If the tag is lost or

stolen, the owner shall receive a duplicate license and tag upon

payment to the City Clerk, a fee, as provided.  The animal tags are not

transferable and no refunds shall be made on any license because of

leaving the city before expiration of the license period.  Fees: $10.00

not spayed or neutered, $5.00 spayed or neutered.

Any person who moves into and becomes a resident of the City and who owns a dog or cat within the City shall cause the same to be registered and licensed as provided herein within a period of not more than thirty (30) days after becoming a resident of the City. 


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