Pat Mikesh 
Pat Mikesh
906 Trail Drive

 I was first appointed to City Council in 2007, and then ran for council position in 2008 and  2010, during the midterm I ran and won the mayors position in 2012. I also won my second term of Mayor in 2014. It is a great pleasure to serve the community in this capacity. I am for a strong community, and think together we can make a great place to live. I want all of us to be able to say we are proud to be residents of this place we call Park Rapids.
 Dick rutherford
Dick Rutherford
409 First Street West


I have been a resident and business owner in Park Rapids for over 75 years. I previously served on the Planning Commission. I have been attending the City Council meetings for years to keep myself informed of city issues. With this knowledge I will be able to step into my role as City Councilmember prepared to serve the City of Park Rapids.

 Randall, Erika
Erika Randall
311 Birch Briar Lane

Liz Stone
708 Park Avenue South

 ryan leckner
Ryan Leckner
16211 Discovery Circle