Urban Forestry Committee

Established by Ordinance No. 288









 Open    3 yrs  12-31-19
Cheryle Wilke
 3 yrs  12-31-20
Steve Jones
 01-12-15  3 yrs  12-31-18
(alternate- if needed)
 00-00-00  3 yrs 00-00-00


City Planner And Councilperson are a voting members of the Urban Forestry Committee.

Chair-Appointed by Members

                      1 year             

City Representative

Ryan Leckner                 01-09-18                  1 year              12-31-18
16211 Discovery Circle
Park Rapids, MN 56470

Advisory Members

City Forester/Certified Tree Inspector- Stephanie Pazdernik

DNR Representative- Brad Witkin

Steve Jones    12731 Far Portage Drive    Park Rapids, MN 56470      stevejoneslab@gmail.com

Cheryle Wilke   32135 Little Mantrap Drive   Park Rapids, MN  56470     cheryle@flyingwgardens.com  

Ryan Mathisrud-City Planner    212 2nd Street West    Park Rapids, MN 56470       rmathisrud@arvig.net



Ex-officio Advisory Members:

City Forester/Certified Tree Inspector  Stephanie Pazdernik- parksdept@arvig.net

DNR Representative Brad Witkin- brad.witkin@state.mn.us