Common Public Nuisance Complaints

(After a complaint is received, the notice is served on the violator. If the problem still exists after seven (7) days, a citation is issued) 

Subdivision 1. No Motor Vehicle, except as is exempted by section 168.012, shall use or be operated upon the public streets or highways of the state in any calendar year until it is registered as provided in this section, and the motor vehicle tax and fees as provided in this chapter are paid and the number plates issued for the motor vehicle are displayed on the vehicle. No motor vehicle, except as provided by section 168.012, which shall for any reason not be subject to taxation as provided in this chapter, shall use or be operated upon the public streets or highways of this state until is is registered, as provided in this section and shall display number plates as required by the provisions of this chapter, except that the purchaser of a new motor vehicle may operate that motor vehicle without plates if the permit authorized by section 168.091 or 168.092 is displayed.

The following is declared to be nuisances affecting public safety and peace: (G) The uncovered piling, storing or keeping of machinery, wrecked or junked vehicle's bodies, cut or uncut lumber, pipes and other junk and debris, in zoned residential, or in those areas not presently zoned, but which are predominately residential in nature. (K) To store or pile kitchen or household appliances unless the same are contained within a structure.

In all zoning districts, all waste materials, debris, refuse, or garbage shall be kept in an enclosed building or property contained in a closed container designed for such purposes. The owner of all land shall be responsible for keeping such land free of refuse and weeds. Passenger vehicles and trucks in an inoperative state due to age, damage, or malfunction shall not be parked outside in residential districts for a period exceeding seven (7) days: Inoperative shall mean incapable of movement under its own power and in need of repair of junking, and shall include vehicles incapable of legal movement on public roads. All exterior storage not included as a permitted use, or included as part of a conditional use permit, or otherwise permitted by provisions of this ordinance shall be considered as refuse.