Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a permit to purchase or carry a handgun? 

All Handgun permits are handled by the county Sheriff. Contact the sheriff in the county you reside in.

How do I get information on road conditions during bad weather? 

Do not call the Police Department as we do not have road condition reports. You may call these numbers for Road/Weather/Travel information:

Minnesota: 1-800-542-0220
Minnesota: 1-800-657-3694 - Detroit Lakes, State Patrol
North Dakota: 1-800-472-2686
South Dakota: 1605-367-5707
Iowa: 1-515-288-1047
Montana: 1-406-444-6339
Nebraska: 1-402-471-4533
Wyoming: 1-307-635-9966
Wisconsin: 1-800-762-3947
Brainerd: 1-800-828-2570

Road information link: